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20 December 2010 @ 06:05 pm
22 October 2010 @ 04:27 pm
omg.. wth! I never knew that chem 12 was this hard =_=.. i mean the content isn't that hard to understand but it's the teacher who's the demanding one.. who wants this and that. I am doing so bad in chem. omg.. 54 and my goal is 75... i need 21 percent to climb back to my goal.. and how's that gonna happen?... EASY.. if the teacher would just give us easy marks. And i mean EASY marks.. and not just randomly talk some stuff out.. IT'S ANOTHER ISU COURSE AGAIN! OMFG =_=..

now.. let's see if I should still stay in this course for another few weeks and see how I can improve.. from being a loser to a normal person. omg =_=.

RENT! so don;t like my teacher =_=... sucks.
11 September 2010 @ 06:29 pm
OMG. that's the only phrase I want to say to this series! Although many don't enjoy this series... I just love it! It's very captivating! I read all 7 of the books in just two weeks.. which for me is pretty amazing since I hardly read at all. I love the couples in this series although I have a feeling lots of the couples would end up changing. After finishing the seventh book, I am so anxious for the next one which would come out next year and I think that's not too far... I hope =_=... I really want to know what happens next and after next and then.. you know, the cycle goes on. I do enjoy the couple --> zoey & her guardian, Stark =D... but it was also a sad book due to someone's death in it =(.

Can't believe that I can be hooked up to this series =0!

anyways.. yaa last year means => HMK PILES UP!
it's only like the third or fourth day of school and I end up getting so much hmk! I don't get y.. (actually I totally know why...) But yes yes I love to rant about.

- vk newest chapter is coming out soon =D
- obsess over black bird 0_0
- um.. need more new manga to read

Cosplay update for myself
- got maka's wig
- need to get the costume and this time I'm not making it but buying it because I am too lazy making it and plus, I am going to end up procrastinating =_=.
- making the scythe soon =D.... foam and more foam!

music update for myself
- nobody's singin to me - charice <-- LOVE THE SONG..
- stuttering - Fefe Donson <-- LOVE THE SONG..
- A year without rain - Selena <-- LOVE THIS SONG...
- Shady girl - Sistar <-- too addicted to it

so much songs that I am addicted too and also YEAA for new 2ne1 songs! =D

haha my report... heheheheheh

haha bibi

15 July 2010 @ 10:41 pm
"Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie"

<3 Love this lyrics <33
->Love the way you lie - Eminem ft Rihanna

So life is fine? It;s been a while.. I guess once again...
Im trying to study hard.. since Im getting such a crappy mark from not working hard at all..
Im trying to work hard but it's not really working.. since there are so many other things that can be done.. in the SUMMER. which I can't really enjoy at the moment until after school =_=....

I want to finish myyy cosplay!!!
07 July 2010 @ 08:26 pm
ANYWAYS... finally it's summer! I have a lot of plans this summer but I am not excited.. because i need to think about my future very soon =_=... it's because.. it is the year where everyone needs to start thinking about uni or college. I have no idea where I am going to do.. since I screwed up my schedules because of not taking a certain math. OMG.. FML MOMENT.

However, I think I will start talking more on this site.. and start blogging I guess XD. It's funn =D...

Well now, I have summer school, not because I failed anything but for gaining a credit to take another course. Although summer school is torture at the moment, I still think that it's not that bad yet.. maybe until I see how each tests are like and guess what? I have a test tomorrow on.. u kno.. on one whole unit that was learnt in 3 days. FUN ISN'T IT?

Anyways.. I am going to list down my plans.. to remind myself.. what I plan to do!! XD

- cosplay: shugo chara (utau- diamond)
fix up ffxiii lightning, including blade and boots
luka wig and headphones
- school goals >_>....
- please give me 80+... I want that 80!
- work hard until I ... destroy myself =_=.
- make new friends 0_o?

- more soonn.....
15 March 2010 @ 09:44 pm
I noticed that I am very... selfish. and too pride of myself perhaps?. why am I like that? I always get what I want but I feel that I am such a bad child from getting all my wants and not fulfill any thing else. What can I do to make me feel like I successed something than just use my "wants" to get this feeling?
23 February 2010 @ 09:33 pm
My head hurts... why? I don't know =_=.... too much stress I guess.
Anyways... in a few months i can finally take off my braces =D.. ya and finallyyyyy!! No more shiny silver stuff in my mouth no more.. but yaa I will still have retainers. but still XD it's not that bad i guess.

Bio is um.. haunting me? or I just don't know anything =_=... I feel sooo stupid but I convince myself that I am smart =D.. in another way...

cosplay cosplay cosplay! hope to finish lightning before march.9 because the game is coming out that day XD... so maybe i can dress as the character to go buy the game! HAHA JKJK.. i wish =_+.. but apparently im pretty poor now and have to get a job soon.. i hope sooon =0! i mean very soon i hope or I will be sooo poor..

... all for now..
soo dizzyy everyday.. wat's wrong with me?
03 February 2010 @ 04:58 pm
It's already a new month =0! So fast! And also a new semester for us =). Well it's interesting to see new classes and new courses and also scared of what marks I will get from these classes since it's really different XD. Um.. tech classes are always.. well to me are the simplest and funnest i guess? Well excluding art but I agree that it's just to fun indeed!. Science stuff are hard but I think it's kool to learn from them because of my interest of learning science stuff... such as bio and space stuff XD. Um... math.. urg.. it's fun in a way that i get to write numbers and solve equation and stuff and I just hate graphs and slopes and all those.. pooop stuff =_+... it's just annoying since I don't enjoy this subject as much anymore XD.

Anyways, cosplay business... let's c, well we finally planned to do what cosplay now. K-ON! AND FFXIII! yaa for both series since I really like both. For K-on, um.. i will just use my old outfit, well not old but my outfit i used for another con but wouldn't bother about the wig =(, since I already have similar colour hair but not the same japanese cut, but anyways, I think I can pull that off like last time XD.

- re-paint hat
- re-paint cane
- fix up hat
- fix up dress...

Anyways for FFXIII, I have a lot to do =(.still wondering if I can just buy it off ebay but don't want to because it does cost a lot, but if I add it up with all the stuff im going to use to make it, it will be the same price, so I gotta see how to do it.... but anyways, if I was to make it... let me wat I need to do......

- style wig
- weapon, gunblade
- jacket
- vest
- knit shirt
- belts (4+)
- gloves
- leather-ish bag.....

= ok a lot would need to be done before my next con, which is in 3 months.. OMG.. sooo close =(... which means I gottaaa really start if I was gonna make itt.. and it's really going to kill me XD..

but anyways, there's my plans at the moment,, be back later on.. with more updates I guess... my dead site...

-the beauty of life will one day bring something joyful into one's evil dark heart.
29 January 2010 @ 10:35 pm
Urg.. cosplay is all i can think of.. and now i don't know which I should do. buy or make?, buy & make is like the same price but I think make is more work, but buy is like.. 100 something dollars, which I don't kno if I should pay for it or not =_=... URG!!! , but anyways.

I am just here to complain XD.
23 December 2009 @ 09:46 pm
wow weee! it's been like a month since I ever wrote anything in here, bu t anyways.. ya! Im back! and usually somehow, I always see myself writing here when a new chapter of vampire knight is out..... well anyways, my theme this time is for the bride of the water god =D! Manwha =D,

Lately, im so into korean idols and culture that im so obsess of watching korean dramas, but I still watch Taiwanese as well XD like hi, my sweetheart which is super funny! I suggest you ppls to watch it cuz it's just sooo FUNNNI!

well, anyways, I have been doing well lately, nothing seem interesting except the subject of wat to get for christmas and also VAMPIRE KNIGHT KISS SCENES <333! yaa go yuuki & kaname <333.. well haha XD muhaha XD yes im weird =_=// but yaa, deciding wat to get myself for christmas and also since my b-day is coming, im wondering wat i should do for my b-day =S.. i will be getting pretty old soon and i feel so old fashion as well. so sad =_=..

anyways.. yaa so obsess and i apparently finished many dramas this week and that's like super bad since i didn't even do anything for my hmk XD. how sad.
anyways.. i'll be back typing here soon i guess >__>.